Tony Couch, Watercolor You Can Do It!

If you could have only one book or video by watercolor artist Tony Couch, this is the one you should have! It’s the basic text to all the Watercolor videos/DVDs and has everything in it! Learn Watercolor Painting Techniques with “Watercolor You Can Do It!”, first published by North Light Books in 1987. This watercolor book has remained on their list for 10 years and became their all time best selling book on art. Out of print for a few years, “Watercolor You Can Do It!” has now been re-published! 178 pages, ALL IN COLOR. Two chapters on Watercolor design: one on basic Watercolor control and watercolor technique. Another on Color. 10 step-by-step watercolor demonstrations. 64 paintings. 161 “how-to” diagrams. Learn watercolor the Tony Couch way!